Ask the Pro


My washer won't start

  1. Check main fuse or circuit breaker on power supply. Check control circuit fuse on the Control module. Check for broken or disconnected electrical wires.

  2. Check door handle switch operation. Make sure that the door handle switch lever arm has completely depressed the switch. Adjust if necessary.

  3. Check continuity in switch and at terminals in the electrical junction box.

  4. Check coil and contacts. If relay does not energize, door lock solenoid will not energize.

  5. Replace timer motor.

The wash motor runs contiguously in one direction

  1. If the reversing timer motor stopped then replace.

  2. If the drain valve stays open then check valve for obstructions.

  3. If the level will not build up then check level switch function.

  4. If the level switch not activated or water overflows through the overflow then check.

  5. Level switch and replace if necessary.

The motor momentarily starts on and off in spin cycle

  1. Check the drain valve and drain off the machine.

Washer will not fill with water

  1. There may be no water from service line. Check shut-off valve on main supply.

  2. Inlet valve may be clogged. Remove supply hoses and check screens in valves - clean or replace.

  3. The inlet valve may be defective. Check solenoids for proper function.

  4. Check level switch, program timer contacts or you may have a defective selector switch.

The program timer will not advance

  1. If there is no impulse from reversing timer then check and replace if necessary.

  2. May be a defective timer, level switch or timer gear.

Tumbler Dryers

Dryer will not start

  1. Make sure the door is completly closed. Make sure that timer is in off position.

  2. Has the push to start knob been depressed for three seconds?

  3. Has a main fuse opened or is a main circuit breaker tripped?

Dryer will not heat

  1. Check gas shut-off valve.

  2. Is the dryer in cool down mode?

  3. Lint screen may be clogged.

  4. The air flow may be insufficient.

The clothes are not satisfactorily drying

  1. Was enough heating time allocated for the load.

  2. Lint screen may be clogged.

  3. Check the exhaust duct to the outside and clean if necessary.